What Is A Fitness Bootcamp

Military training innovation has arrived to change the way we work out. Learn more.

The fitness bootcamp can be defined as a physical training program practiced in a group, usually outdoors, which is conducted by gyms or personal trainers, based on a military training program. In fact, the fitness bootcamp was widely used to develop the physical capabilities of new recruits, but today already follows a different line.

Created and very popular in the United States in the 1990s, the program gained notoriety in 2008. Today, the fitness bootcamp is also a success in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Now in Brazil, it has awakened the interest of many people who prefer to practice physical activities in a totally different and innovative way. For those who don’t like the routine and the sameness of training done in a common gym, the fitness bootcamp came as a fun alternative that brings results quickly.

The main feature of this program is that it was created to work on resistance and muscle definition, in addition to strength, through a variety of high-intensity exercises interspersed during a class of 45 minutes to an hour of duration.

The great differential of this type of training is that it is also practiced with the weight of the body itself and has become an important tool for those who want to lose weight quickly and effectively.

Therefore, when you enter the fitness bootcamp, you will spend an hour running, doing push-ups of arms, burpess, going through circuits similar to the military that include rope, tires and other obstacles, and even some movements that resemble the martial arts. All this with short periods of rest.

Why does the fitness bootcamp work?

That refers to the interval of time it takes the body to recover from high-intensity exercise until it returns to its natural state, doubling the speed of metabolism and burning calories for extended periods of time (in some cases, your body continues to burn calories for up to 36 hours after the end of training!).

By limiting the rest time between exercises, the heart rate rises, activates the metabolism, which starts to burn calories in a very effective and intense way. In a short time of practice, the group begins to notice the body changes and the beneficial effects in the daily routine.

However, weight loss is not the only benefit of fitness bootcamp. Other main points that are developed during the lesson are teamwork and group companionship. Therefore, this is a complete training that balances body and mind.

How is a fitness bootcamp workout

Each workout is a workout, but in general terms, a 45-minute lesson, burning about 800 calories, follows the parameters described below:

  • Training usually starts with dynamic stretching and/or a warm-up run.
  • The training then moves on to a series of high intensity interval exercises, which can be in addition to those described above:
  • Exercises with TRX, dumbbells, abdominals, flexions, squats, pliometric exercises (with jumps), among others. Many exercises using the weight of the body itself and that resemble the crossfit are also part of the program.
  • It is worth remembering that, unlike weight training, there are not a certain number of repetitions that should be followed in each exercise. Each person in the group performs the movements according to their limits in a time frame specified by the trainer.
  • Cardiovascular exercises in devices such as rowing, treadmills, air bikes,…
  • At the end of the training, more stretches are performed, some very similar to those performed in Yoga.

The classes can be increased with other elements, such as kettlebells, medicinal balls, sandbags, Olympic rings, dumbbells, etc., to further enhance the training.

It is necessary to clarify that, despite the similarity, the fitness bootcamp and the crossfit are not the same thing. Some crossfit trainings can be used, however, due to the low impact on the joints, the bootcamp activities are safer.

Although it is an intense training, one of the principles of this type of program is that participants work at their own pace and respect their limits, thus allowing even people who do not have adequate physical conditioning to participate.

Students may be periodically tested to measure strength and endurance to monitor their performance.

Benefits of Fitness Bootcamp

The combination of exercises that make up a fitness bootcamp class has the purpose of eliminating body fat, especially localized fat, increase cardiorespiratory capacity, increase muscle strength, and enable participants to start the habit of practicing exercises regularly.

Therefore, the list of benefits of this type of training is impressive:

  • Possibility of being practiced in the studio or outdoors;
  • Elimination of fat and, consequently, weight loss and measures;
  • Elimination of localized fat deposits;
  • Increased definition and muscle strength;
  • Improved cardiorespiratory capacity, i.e. more breath;
  • Energy, vitality and more disposition;
  • Good humor;
  • Hormonal regulation and optimization of body functions;
  • Regulation of blood pressure;
  • Reduction and elimination of stress;
  • Teamwork;
  • Companionship and emotional support of the group;
  • Variety of training. There is no routine or boredom in the fitness bootcamp. Training is challenging.

Group dynamics are a strong and important element that helps to motivate and support participants, who can develop their social as well as physical skills.

The variety of classes is important so that the body can be worked on as a whole. Therefore, all muscle groups – primary and secondary – receive stimuli that will result in functional development.