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Silken Thoughts

  • Silken Thoughts – Volume 1

The Evolution of VinXperience – or: Why is there suddenly a MovieXperience?

On learning about the new VinXperience sister site, some of you certainly might have wondered about the reason behind this development.
Did those girls go bananas all of a sudden? Do they have too much spare time at their hands? Are the folks at VX tired of Vin? Is the site dying because of Vin’s new Facebook toy and website? Did they grow out of their Vin Diesel obsession (which might seem appropriate after such a long time)?
Certainly a few of these elements have led to the decision to expand the Xperience into another direction, but mainly it was the fact that we reached a point where we couldn’t develop VinXperience much further and we needed a way to add more content.

VX has been a top Vin Diesel fansite for years; we have worked with different companies on Vin Diesel-related projects, we’ve established a well known brand in the fandom, and above all, over the years we were able to gather many wonderful and loyal board members.
[The only thing missing in this collection would have been an official acknowledgment from a certain someone or his representatives – but as we’re not giving up the site, it still might be time for this to happen “”soon””;)]
Nonetheless, we were and are constantly trying to create an interesting environment for our members by adding new and exciting topics and features to VinXperience. The 6° Forum as well as the ‘Flavor of the Month’ have given us the opportunity to do this quite successfully. Therefore we decided to go a step further by concentrating on a group of promising and interesting people we’d like to feature as well at the board.

Of course this calls for another website to give room for the news related to them. We did a bit of thinking, together with our wonderful staff members, and – voila! – MovieXperience was born.
Now we finally have the room we were missing to publish all of the news and info about the people we are interested in aside of VinXperience.
Tracy will introduce you to the world of Zach Quinto, Janine will add ‘a bit’ of Sam Worthington (which I don’t mind either), from me you will learn about a wonderful and talented artist from Australia called El Rico and so on. Each member of our team will add a bit of a different flavor to the new Xperience and we will try to mix a spicy and interesting cocktail for you at our well known and now renewed board and the new website.
Have a look at the site, enjoy the new forums and don’t be shy to tell us what you think about our latest endeavor!



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