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  • InFURIated 11/08/2010

I love sexy. Sexy men, sexy women. I enjoy both, looking at them, admiring those bodies that I know I will never and have never had. There is no doubt that beautiful people are all over the TV. Commercials, kids shows and more adult type shows. Movies, even cartoon characters are beautiful with big doe eyes, stacked chests and teeny tiny waists.

If you are overweight, and I’m talking what, size 6 and up these days, then you are portrayed as the frumpy friend. The chunky person given mostly one lines and put in the back of the room as to not take up too much space that is reserved for three or four pretty skeletons.

If you start off thicker, then by season two, it’s almost guaranteed that you’re gonna drop a massive amount of weight because you became a vegetarian or got a personal trainer! Lord forbid that they have regular sized butts!

There is such an overwhelming problem with body image and weight, sexuality and bullying nowadays, that you’d think that the best place to address it would be through the biggest video media out there. TV, movies, magazines. Why can’t they show more of what reality is? How most people look when they wake up in the morning? There isn’t a fairy that comes around at night and applies lip gloss and eye liner, and if there is, he/she always seems to skip my house. Bed head, nope, not on TV.

The perfect skin and face, long, thick hair and white straight teeth. How many teens have you seen that way? In real life? Not many, and why is that? Because, makeup hides a lot, real makeup. Thin hair is thickened with extensions and unruly hair is tamed by a team of experts on the subject. Not a beady-eyed, fifteen year old that just rolled out of bed and is struggling to keep their eyes open long enough to get ready for school.

I think it’s conveying an image, a dream that most kids can’t live up to. It’s the same way with adults on TV also. All the women are usually perfectly put together all the time. I tell you what, I’m tired taking care of three kids and when I run to the store for a gallon of milk, I look like hell most of the time and you know what? My kids think I’m beautiful and perfect.

I’d like to see more flawed people on TV and movies. Not flawed, broken, but not perfect. Like people you see everyday.

Dove has a campaign going, Campaign for Real Beauty and I think it’s an awesome concept.

Children, no matter what shape or color, what size or sexual orientation they are, should feel beautiful inside. And it’s not just girls that need the boost of self esteem. I’m sure there are many teenage boys out there that look at the TV and think, I have to be like that. Have that hair, or be star quarterback when they’re really interested in theater or science. We need all of those kids to follow their dreams because dreams become reality, sooner or later.

You have to have brains for ideas to start. Drive to follow through and confidence to sell it, market it, make it reality.

When I watch shows lately, I don’t see that. Most of it is about who is talking about this person, or sleeping with that one. High school is hell, even for the most popular. Bullying is out of control. Sure, it’s been around for a long time, but nowadays, it’s not fist fights that solve the problems. It’s guns and gangs, suicides and heartbreak.

To add to the problem, most of the ‘kids’ on TV are played by adults. They have the bodies of men and women, not kids smack in the middle of raging puberty hormones.

When Brian Austin Green was growing up, we SAW him growing up. We witnessed his voice cracking and his budding facial hair. We watched as boy turned into man. Now, we watch men playing boys. Am I the only one that kinda has an issue with this thing?

Most 17 year olds aren’t that ripped, why? Because they’re still growing into men. Their bodies are still maturing and everything they eat is going to just sustaining life, not building superhero abs.

Where are the zits and lanky arms and legs? The bad hair and DTM’s. Dirty teen mustaches for those of you that don’t know. Those are a rite of passage for high schoolers.

Society needs to show the kids that it’s ok to be too skinny or too heavy. It’s ok to have zits and a wicked bad perm. School only lasts a heartbeat in time but oh how does it shape us. We have such vivid memories, good, bad and ugly, that we will never forget. We need to help shape young people in to good, self-confident adults.

All it takes is one whispered lie or misspoken word and you’re an outcast. Teen years are messy and painful, awkward and most everyone is lucky to get out alive.

That’s reality.

I just wish they’d portray that a little more clearly and real on film! But… guess it doesn’t bring in the ratings, and ratings are money.

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