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VinXperience review week 42/2011

  • Sprained Thumbs

Enjoy DOAUMaster’s story about gaming with Vin here @ VX.

  • Vinbook

Did you miss out on the latest Vinbook news?

Catch up here and read about new Riddick concept art, Fast Five, the movie preferences of Vin’s youngest kid 😉 and lots more!

  • Halloween “Picture This” Challenge

Choose some pics from our challenge thread, come up with your special unfinished Halloween story and take part in the challenge!

  • Halloween Q&A:

If you could be anything for Halloween, just for that one night,
what would it be and why?

  • Vin Diesel Gallery

Did you already visit the new/old gallery? What do you think? Do you remember the ‘good old times’ at Diesel Driven and like to share your story?
Visit the Gallery thread @ VinXperience!

  • and – last but not least –

Don’t miss out on the latest update at our sister site MovieXperience!

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