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This site contains the interviews Vin has given over the past years, all compiled into PDF documents.

  1. Vin Interview June 17, 2001 BY CINDY PEARLMAN
  2. MSN Live Chat (18/06/2001)
  3. Eonline Q&A by Anderson Jones | June 19, 2001
  4. Diesel burning up Tuesday, June 19, 2001 By LOUIS B. HOBSON– Calgary Sun
  5. Who is this guy Vin Diesel, anyway? From: Daily News Los Angeles Wednesday, June 20, 2001 By Bob Strauss
  6. Diesel Owes His Career to Persistence From: Yahoo! Wednesday June 20 12:02 PM ET By DAVID GERMAIN,
  7. Planet Q&A: Vin Diesel Shifts Into Overdrive Prairie Miller Thursday, June 21, 2001
  8. Vin Diesel Kicks Ass y Steven Horn, IGN 2001-06-23
  9. New Movie Fuels Vin Diesel’s Career Jun 25/01 by Dicker Ron Hartford Courant’
  10. Diesel powers ahead with brains and brawn June 25 By Miki Turner Knight Ridder Newspapers
  11. ‘Fast and Furious’ Vin Diesel Speeds Over Hollywood’s Color Line Esther Iverem Arts and Film Critic
  12. Vin Diesel Riding High On ‘The Fast and the Furious’ Mike Cidoni iKnowRochester 06/27/01
  13. Movies: Vin-dicated June 28, 2001 By Devin Gordon NEWSWEEK WEB EXCLUSIVE
  14. Diesel Co-Scripting Pitch 2 SCI Fi Wire
  15. Late Night Show transcript
  17. Transcript from Vin’s Jay Leno Appearance
  18. DIESEL FUEL Source: US weekly Magazine,July 02/01 By Irene Zutell
  20. Hot Projects: Diesel snags lead in “XXX” By Guylaine Cadorette, August 3, 2001
  21. You Vin Some, You Lose Some Dateline: 7/28/01
  22. Vin Diesel: The self-made mystery man Ryan Gilbey 31 August 2001
  23. Vin Diesel Talks T3 And Hellboy Empire Online 31/08/2001
  24. His first job in Hollywood was as a club doorman but now film star Vin Diesel is bouncing back $10M
  25. DEAL IS DREAM COME TRUE Europe Intelligence Wire Source: The Sunday Mirror, September 02, 2001 DREW MACKENZIE
  26. Vin Diesel promotes “ The Fast and The Furious” in Madrid, a film about illegal street car racing.
  27. The explosive energy of Diesel Sunday September 9th 2001 Ciara Dwyer
  28. Vin Diesel Maxim
  29. Diesel Power James Mottram
  30. The star of this week’s new release The Fast And The Furious talks to about his up and coming career
  1. Hull Daily Mail, September 14, 2001, Page 6 LIZ HOWELL
  2. Fuelled up for power and the The Birmingham Post, September 18, 2001 ALISON JONES
  3. Diesel power Yorkshire Post, September 27, 2001
  4. The X2Day Vin transcript
  5. Empire interview October 2001
  6. Cool Guys, Hot Racing Cars German TV guide “TV Movie”, issue 21/2001, pp.233-4 Svenja Hadler
  7. The Fast and Furious Spenders
  8. Getting to know Hollywood’s newest stars
  9. What lies waiting in the dark? 10/14/2001
  10. “The Fast And The Furious” – Interview with leading actor Vin Diesel
  11. Vin Diesel’s star is rising – fast and furious By Rachel Lo in Los Angeles Story by TODAY October 1, 2001
  12. Vin Diesel: “Someone who’s been tough long enough doesn’t have to prove himself anymore!”
  13. The Fast and the Furious: Vin Diesel about sex and illegal street racing: “I’m a cool guy”
  14. Firing on all cylinders Sunday Times, South Africa 2001. nov. 5 MARIANNE GRAY
  15. Petrolhead Pavement magazine interview
  16. :::Vin Diesel::: Proof positive that even Hunter College can’t deter your dreams The Shield Hunter College’s Finest May/June 2002 You Vin Some, You Lose Some Jennifer McLean
  17. Gallery magazine interview
  18. MTV Movie House
  19. The xXx Games  y Mark Salisbury Premiere Magazine 2002 Aug
  20. xXx marks the spot where Vin gets extreme The Daily Telegraph 06sep02
  21. Oh XXX! Vin’s about to shoot off The Sidney Morning Herald By Garry Maddox, Film Writer September 6 2002
  22. The good oil on Diesel 08sep02 Daily Telegraph
  23. Being broad-minded September 9 2002 The Sidney Morning-Herald
  24. MEETING MR X Urban Cinefile Sept 12
  25. Move over 007 and Batman, XXX is now the man 2002 Sept 20 Japan Today Chris Betros
  26. xXx generation CKM Magazine 2002/Oct issue by Gergely Buglya
  27. Knockaround’s in turnaround The Toronto Star
  28. CinéLive n°61 – Octobre 2002 p 84 – 87 By Rita Zekas
  29. Vin Diesel, the rise of action in Hollywood Le Monde Samuel Blumenfeld 2002-10-09
  30. Vin Diesel UNIVERCITY By Sherry Weiner
  32. Vin Diesel has no time for personal life Article By Elena Torres
  1. Vin Diesel Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere: ‘Pitch Black,’ ‘XXX’ Sequels In Works MTV Movie House Interview 07.31.2002
  2. Triple Threat ReQuest Magazine
  3. Diesel Power Access Magazine 2002/Aug-Sept issue
  5. Latest Action Hero By J. Sperling Reich
  6. Vin Diesel Taking Fast, Furious Ride To The Top In Stride 08.01.2002
  7. Vin Diesel/XXX Interview by Paul Fischer in Los Angeles Dark Horizons 2002-08-02
  8. Vin Diesel Discusses His Background, His Role Philosophy August 2, 2002 By RON DICKER
  9. Vin Diesel: Hollywood’s New Anti-hero By Vanessa Sibbald Fri, Aug 02, 2002
  10. Vin at All Costs Entertainment Weekly‘s Aug. 2, 2002, Benjamin Svetkey
  12. INTERVIEW: Vin Diesel of “XXX” Cinema Confidental POSTED ON 08/04/02
  13. Word’s out: Vin’s in By BRUCE KIRKLAND Toronto Sun
  14. The manly brew of an action star By David Elliott MSNBC.COM
  15. The Next Action Hero Friday, Aug. 02, 2002
  16. E! Online Q+A with Vin Diesel E! Online by Glenn Whipp | August 6, 2002
  17. We Have Diesel
  18. Vin Diesel, in high gear By Susan Wloszczyna USA TODAY 2002-08-06
  19. Watch Out Bond, ‘XXX’ Unleashes Diesel Power August 08 Reuters Bob Tourtellotte
  20. Big, bad and bald Creative Loafting 2002-08-07 BY BERT OSBORNE
  21. Don’t call him the new Stallone! y Bill Muller 8/7/2002 Reno Gazette Journal
  22. Craig Kilborn Chat Transcript 2002-08-07
  23. Vin Diesel: Thrill Seeker FilmForce.IGN.Com August 08, 2002
  24. Fame game stumps Diesel August 9, 2002 BY CINDY PEARLMAN Chicago Sun-Times
  25. Vin Diesel is hot By Janelle Brown
  26. The X factor BY CARY DARLING Miami Herald
  27. Diesel powers action hero performances Ventura County Star By Ivor Davis August 9, 2002
  28. XXX Appeal Aug 9
  29. Even Tom Hanks wants his sweat pants Star Telegram 2002-08-09
  30. Diesel walked away from a cheque THIS BIG By BRUCE KIRKLAND — Toronto Sun
  1. Building a Better Spy 2002-08-09 Entertainment Today by Keith Ryan Cartwright
  2. How Vin Diesel is changing the way Hollywood looks at race and casting 2002-08-09 Entertainment Today by Brent Simon
  3. Diesel… Vin Diesel Is ‘XXX’ 8-9-2002 By Fred Topel MadBlast
  4. An Interview with Vin Diesel MS
  5. Diesel thunders to stardom Jamie Portman Times Colonist (Victoria) Saturday, August 10, 2002
  6. In `xXx,’ Vin Diesel is Gen-X answer to James Bond By AMY LONGSDORF For the Courier-Post August 11, 2002
  7. Access Hollywood Transcript from 8/12
  8. Vin Diesel: Just a Guy From New York Teen Hollywood August 12, 2002 by Lynn Barker
  9. Ladies, write to Diesel (and his dog) August 12, 2002 Chicago Sun-Times BY CINDY PEARLMAN
  10. ‘XXX’ Trounces Box Office Again! August 16, 2002 ETonline
  11. Frustration fueled Diesel’s rise in action flicks August 22, 2002 By Alisha Davis CNN Headline News
  12. A man full of Vin and vigour The Straits Times 2002-08-20
  13. Deconstructing Diesel Rolling Stone 2002/Sept
  14. Vin Diesel XXX NW Magazine
  15. Vin Diesel gives Aussie actors thumbs up The Sidney Morning Herald (AAP) September 5 2002
  16. xXx marks the spot where Vin gets extreme The Daily Telegraph 06sep02
  17. Oh XXX! Vin’s about to shoot off The Sidney Morning Herald By Garry Maddox, Film Writer September 6 2002
  18. The good oil on Diesel 08sep02 Daily Telegraph
  19. Being broad-minded September 9 2002 The Sidney Morning-Herald
  20. MEETING MR X Urban Cinefile Sept 12
  21. New James Bond is Diesel driven 12sep02 Daily Telegraph
  22. Triple the action 12sep02 The Curier Mail
  23. Diesel power Sunday Times South Africa 2002-09-15
  24. Beware: Diesel slick 15 September 2002 Jo McCarroll
  25. DIESEL GIVES A TRIPLE X Film Review 2002/0ct Issue
  26. Move over 007 and Batman, XXX is now the man 2002 Sept 20 Japan Today Chris Betros
  27. xXx generation CKM Magazine 2002/Oct issue by Gergely Buglya
  28. Knockaround’s in turnaround The Toronto Star By Rita Zekas
  29. CinéLive n°61 – Octobre 2002 p 84 – 87
  30. Vin Diesel, the rise of action in Hollywood Le Monde Samuel Blumenfeld 2002-10-09
  31. A hero with a heart Richard Mowe 2002-10-10
  32. Vin Diesel “xXx” Interviewed by Film 2002 with Jonathan Ross 15th October 2002
  33. Vin Diesel Rupert Mellor Times Online 2002-10-17
  34. Vin Diesel interview Empire Online 2002 Oct UK
  35. Vin Diesel to Start Videogame Company By Scott “Scooter” Steinberg | Nov. 10, 2002
  36. Maximum overdrive 2002-12-31
  37. ‘XXX’ Star Vin Diesel Fuels Up On Action December 31, 2002 Barbara Vancheri, Post-Gazette
  38. Vin Diesel On Jan 20, 2003 (DVD Report/PBI Media via COMTEX)
  1. AN INTERVIEW WITH VIN DIESEL 2004-Feb Game Informer Magazine
  2. Diesel roars into vid games Chris Marlowe The Hollywood Reporter Feb. 24, 2004
  3. Diesel-powered Riddick The Chronicles of Riddick Starburst Magazine 2004 June
  4. Diesel Revs Up ‘Riddick’s’ Engine Sun, May 16, 2004, 12:05 PM PT By Vanessa Sibbald
  5. Coming Soon interview transcript
  6. Riddick’s Diesel Wooed Dench 26-May-04
  7. INT: Vin Diesel May. 28, 2004 Source: by: Mike Sampson
  8. RIDDICK RETURNS GMR magazine 2004. June
  9. Diesel Drawn Back to Riddick Sci Fi Wire 2004.06.01.
  10. Exclusive Interview with Vin Diesel  2004.06.01.
  11. Diesel’s Stunts Fuel ‘Riddick’ ET 2004. 06.01
  12. Diesel Fueled Riddick Game 2004.06.03 Sci Fi Wire
  13. Vin Diesel The Dawn of a Dream El Nuevo Herald 2004,06.03
  14. Vin Diesel means business USA Weekend 2004.06.06.
  15. CHRONIC MOVIE STAR: Vin Diesel champions ‘The Chronicles of Riddick’ EURWEB Kenya M. Yarbrough Jun. 7, 2004
  16. Diesel Frets Over Riddick Sci Fi Wire 2004.06.07.
  17. Riddick is Back Fred Topel,
  18. Vin Diesel Paul Fisher Mon, 7-Jun-2004
  19. Vin Diesel on The Chronicles of Riddick! Coming Soon! Chuck the Movieguy Tuesday, June 8, 2004
  20. RIDDICK INTERVIEW: VIN DIESEL 6.08.04 By Fred Topel
  21. MTV VD interview 2004.06.08. MTV
  22. Diesel takes on action, games–and romantic comedy By Miki Turner
  23. Being Vin Diesel is more than muscles By Miki Turner 2004.06.10.
  24. Vin – ‘Today Show’ transcript txt + image thanks to Sprial!
  25. Vin Diesel, driving on a tankful of cool Susan Wloszcyna, USA TODAY 2004.06.10.
  26. For Diesel, ‘Riddick’ could spell redemption Susan Wloszczyna, USA TODAY 2004.06.10.
  27. TURBO-CHARGED DIESEL Aug 21 2004 Paul English
  28. Vin Diesel August 22, 2004 The Sunday Times
  29. Vin Diesel interview Sept, 2004 Rico Pfirstinger/Johannes Bonke
  30. New Vinterview from France Maximal, 2004, September
  31. I WOULD FIGHT FOR LOVE Yam! (German Youth Magazine) 2004. Sept Issue
  32. “Vin Diesel (Chronicles of Riddick)” Marc Sessego Science Fiction Magazine
  33. interview with Vin 2004.08.03.
  34. Vin Diesel ‘I like being underestimated’ Galore Magazine 2004.Nov.
  35. Vin Diesel on Diaper Duty! ET Online September 15, 2004
  36. Vin Diesel: The Baby Whisperer of the ‘Pacifier’ Set Feb 22, 2005 Mike Szymanski
  37. The Pacifier: An Interview with Vin Diesel 2005.02.22
  38. Interview: Vin Diesel “The Pacifier” March 1st, 2005 Paul Fischer Dark Horizons
  39. Interview: Vin Diesel – The tough guy goes cuddly March 02, 2005 Jeff Otto
  40. A S.E.A.L. Out of Water: Vin Diesel Radically Switches Gears March 03, 2005
  1. Vin Diesel: Past Action Hero 2005.03.03 MTV
  2. INTERVIEW: Vin Diesel on “The Pacifier” 03/04/05 ETHAN AAMES, CINEMA CONFIDENTAL
  3. Vin Diesel: The Pacifier Interview Kam Williams March 08, 2005
  4. Chatting with The Pacifier Cast Sharon Knolle
  5. Vin Diesel is “The Pacifier” Rita Cook
  6. Vin Diesel on The Pacifier – Babies, Bikes, Ducks and Diapers Fred Topel Action-Adventure Movies.
  7. Actionhero Vin Diesel shows his softer side Het nieuwsblad (Belgium) April 13 translation by Kapli
  8. Vin Diesel recovers from hard work (Germany) 2005.04.13 translation by Silsin
  9. QuickChat feat. Vin Diesel BRAVO (Germany) 04/27/05 Translation by JsVineyard
  10. YOU CAN VIN IF YOU WANT German Cinema Flyer translation by JsVineyard
  11. This is also Diesel, just a little bit different, than the others La Donna magazine (Hungary) 2005. may translation by Kriszta
  12. Vin Diesel Getting Into Character To Play Real-Life 6.15.2005 4:49 PM EDT
  13. Ciao, Mr. Cool! From German TV magazine “tvworld”, issue 17/2005 translation thanks to Janine
  14. Diesel Holds ‘Hannibal’ Hopes By Daniel Fienberg March 10 2006
  15. Sidney Lumet keeps up the pace 2005.01.04 By John Horn, Times Staff Writer
  16. Diesel Power by: Paul Solotaroff (March 2005) Men’s Journal
  17. Interview: Vin Diesel The actor takes an intriguing departure in Sidney Lumet’s Find Me Guilty. by Jeff Otto March 15, 2006

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