Thailand’s Best Restaurants

In this article we talk about the best restaurants in Thailand. This exotic country is famous for its great and varied gastronomic offer. Here we leave you options of restoration throughout the country, which, we are sure, will satisfy the most exquisite palates.

Aware that a trip through Thailand includes a visit to the different tourist areas of the country, we leave you information on one of the best restaurants that you will find in some of the cities you will visit. Whether in the north of the country, vibrant Bangkok or ราเมน Yuzu destinations, this article reveals different establishments that are a safe bet when it comes to tasting local cuisine.


On the 65th floor of Tower Club in the Lebua Hotel, in the modern Silom area, Bangkok

This restaurant has been awarded two Michelin stars. It is one of the best establishments in all of Bangkok. Situated under the spectacular golden dome that crowns the building, it has impressive views of one hundred and eighty degrees over the city and the river. The tables are arranged in a way that favors privacy. The service informs impeccably about the menu and is always attentive to any need.

The restaurant specializes in serving European food with an innovative presentation, since, if anything defines Mezzaluna’s cuisine, it is a passion for constant reinvention. The local chef, the Japanese Ryuki Kawasaki, enthusiast of innovation and presentation, offers a true gastronomic spectacle every night in his open kitchen. The menu varies with the season, using both international and local seasonal products, with special emphasis on eco-certified products.

All herbal oils, vinegars, broths and vegetable or fruit extracts used in culinary processes are homemade. In addition, the restaurant has a high quality wine list that makes the gastronomic experience unforgettable.

Recommended dishes include slices of cured mackerel marinated in fennel vinegar, sprinkled with orange yuzu jam, lemon paste and tangerine vinaigrette, served all over a bed of local vegetables. Also the lobster poached in ginger butter and adorned with carrot purée and sea urchin on a creamy bisque soup.

Kinmeday, or foie gras, is prepared as chawan mushi (Japanese mustard) with duck consommé, rice crisp, Chinese cabbage and maitake mushrooms. And the duck, of clear Chinese inspiration, with shiitake mushrooms, asparagus and miso potato. For dessert, the milk sorbet, with milk gel and chocolate feathers is an experience.


27 South Sathorn Street, Bangkok

It is located in Bangkok, on the ground floor of the Metropole Hotel. The reason we include it on this list of Thailand’s six best restaurants is because it has been awarded a Michelin star and is considered one of the best restaurants in the world.

The Namh is a great place for those who want to venture out and try Thai food for the first time in an exceptional atmosphere. With a relaxed atmosphere, it has private sections and an outdoor area, next to the swimming pool.

The chef, David Thompson, has a long international career and has a special predilection for renewing and innovating the old traditional Thai recipes. To this end, he places special emphasis on achieving the perfect blend of flavours and textures of the ingredients he uses, always of the highest quality.

You can order the menu, although the menu is a fantastic option that allows you to enjoy all the flavors -acid, bitter, sweet and spicy- typical of Thai cuisine. Apart from starters and canapés, we recommend the yum soup, with a touch of spicy chile and lime, mushrooms, crunchy fresh herbs and chicken.

As well as the herbalimón salad and prawns, squid and pork with toasted coconut. A dish that leaves no one indifferent are frog legs fried in abundant hot oil, with basil, cumin leaves and strongly flavored. In the dessert section, those made with beans, tropical fruit and vegetables with coconut milk such as the traditional ‘Nam keng sai’ stand out.

Koh Kong Casino Restaurant

Phum Cham Yeam, Khum Paklong, Srok Mondul Seyma, Koh Kong , Cambodia

It is almost three hours drive from Bangkok city. Although it is in Cambodia it is stuck to the Thai border.

The majesty of its building surrounded by luxurious gardens and a large swimming pool, invites you to spend long and endless hours playing non-stop, the truth is that this casino houses a restaurant that offers the most typical Thai food of high quality, ideal for dinner with your partner one of the nights of accommodation in the country.

With the rapid evolution of technologies, today much of the management and shopping is done over the Internet, but the truth is that the leisure sector has also been absorbed by the technological age, because for example fewer and fewer people decide to visit face-to-face casinos, since the Internet has pages of online casinos, such as Platinum Play Casino, where you can spend hours in front of the computer, playing and without having to move from home.

However, in-person casinos can still host the possibility of going to them to enjoy luxurious lunches or dinners in the company of a couple, friends or family. Although gambling is legally forbidden in Thailand, one can attend Cambodia, where the wealthier classes build their own casinos, such as Koh Kong, and invite the tourist to have a more than pleasant time.

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