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Fairy Tales Q&A

Fairy Tales Q&A

Our lovely Bitten has another great question for us:

What do you think of the fairy tale themed movies and TV shows that have been cropping up over the last few years?
Do you like them in comparison to your own childhood stories? Do you prefer them to the Disney versions of the classic fairy tales?

Tell us here!

Author Spotlight – April 2013

Author Spotlight - April 2013 ~ Bitten
The Spotlight of this month falls onto our lovely and creative admin!


[Orig]A Perfect Universe [NC-17]

[Picture This]Poetic Justice [NC-17]

[Picture This]Genius Loci [G]

[Picture This]Fidget [G]

[Picture This]Imbalance [R]

[Picture This]Imbalance – The Warrior [NC-17]

[Picture This]And You Can Keep the Damn Beer! [NC-17]

[Picture This]Anything for Inspiration [NC-17]

[Picture This]Dysfunctional [NC-17]

[Spy Chix]Neglected [R]

[Spy Chix]Stuck in the Past [R]

[Spy Chix]Search for Desert Rose [Big group story. NC-17]

[Spy Chix]Bitter Gamble [Big group story. NC-17]

[Spy Chix]Win Some Lose Some [NC-17]

[Spy Chix]An Unexpected Test [NC-17]

[Spy Chix]SC: A Royal Pain [Big group story. NC-17]

[Spy Chix]The Conspiracy [PG-13]

[Spy Chix]Foreshadowing [NC-17]

[Spy Chix]Compromised [Big group story. NC-17]

[Spy Chix]Figments [NC-17]

[Spy Chix]Payback [Group story. NC-17]

[Dangerous Duplicates]Dangerous Duplicates [NC-17]

[Dangerous Duplicates]Cutter’s Gambit [NC-17]

Hop over to the board, take plenty of time and enjoy her stories!

Dangerous Duplicates

In the mood for a good fight?

Then join Capone and Ares for a brawl
with the station cops. You won’t regret it!

Lunch Break starts here!

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