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Spy Chix Anniversary Q&A – Favourite Story?

Spy Chix Anniversary Q&A - Favourite Story?
Do you remember when the agents infiltrated that casino in Las Vegas?
Or when they saved the International Space Station from bad guys?
How about the time they prevented a coup in the royal monarchy of Molvaria?
What’s your favorite SC story?

Tell us what you liked and why you liked it here @ VinXperience!

Here is a list of all the SC stories in chronological order:

Mission #1: Saving Xander’s Ass

Mission #2: Chix in Space

Mission #3: Rumble in the Jungle

(Mission 4 was unfortunately lost due to the Ezboard hack – if anybody still has story parts left – please share!!)

Mission #5: The Search for Desert Rose

Mission #6: SC Las Vegas: A Bitter Gamble

Mission #7: A Royal Pain

Mission #8: Compromised

Mission #9: Desperate Measures

Spy Chix 12th Anniversary – A Bitter Gamble

A Bitter Gamble
VinXperience - Spy Chix 12th Anniversary! - A Bitter Gamble
A Bitter Gamble is one of the most popular Spy Chix stories ever!
Full of intrigue, smut and silliness,
the spies must infiltrate a luxurious Las Vegas casino
to stop a ring of counterfeiters.

This story was posted 7 years ago – and it’s still one of our best!

Revisit A Bitter Gamble now!

Message from Vin

Spy Chix 12th Anniversary

VinXperience - Spy Chix 12th Anniversary! - Celebrate with us!
Welcome Spy Chix Writers!
Have you ever written with the Spy Chix collaborative group?

If you’re a present or former spy (or a bad guy!) please help us celebrate the SCs 12th Anniversary.

Click here to visit the board to tell us about your involvement with the group, and share your favorite memories.
And while you’re there, feel free to check out the newest story, Desperate Measures!

New Spy Chix Story!

Not only we are celebrating the anniversary but also
there is a new story! Check it out!

The New SC Collaborative Story!

VinXperience - Spy Chix 12th Anniversary! - New Story!

The SC is on high-alert after the devastating attack on the headquarters compound.
Can they protect their remaining assets & avenge their fallen friends?
And what will become of their attacker?

Check out Desperate Measures!

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