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01/07 Fanfiction Q&A of the week

This week’s question comes to you c/o. Janine.

We all have favorite pairings to write and/or read about, be it het or slash.
But I want to know which ones are your total no-go pairings? Is there any kind of pairing you wouldn’t want to read about?
Or fics you skip reading because they feature said pairing?

Tell us in this week’s Q&A!

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01/06 People’s Choice Awards

Attention everyone!

It’s award time tonight! The People’s Choice awards will air tonight at 9 p.m. ET on CBS, and you should check the award show out to see if Vin will be the Favorite Action Star. Fast & Furious unfortunately didn’t make it to the final list of nominees, but we’ll all keep our fingers crossed for the Vinster.

In case you’re living outside the US or miss the show due to any other reasons, be sure to check back with this thread to see the list of winners.

01/05 Another new team member!

Another warm welcome goes to our latest team member


To say hello visit this thread at VX!
We’re happy to have her at our team!



To read about the latest Vinbook updates, visit the January 2010 thread.
While you’re around, don’t miss to have a look at the latest Facebook stats, featuring Vin with more fans than Barack Obama and an interesting article Northern Lights found!


This week’s Q&A

asks about your holiday stories – share them here!


VX story of the month!

This month’s story was recommended by Northern Lights!

Socks, Jeans and Whores

by IceSamZero

Once again, Zero brings a character to life. If you liked Rick in Strays, you’ll love him in Vegas. Even if he is hating every moment of his stay.

This is a quick, enjoyable read and great way to get reacquainted with our very own Spy Chix.

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01/01 New team member!

Welcome to the team!

Welcome princess_silence!

We’re happy to announce that

Princess Silence

has joined the moderator team of VinXperience!

To say hello to our latest team member visit this thread at our message board!



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12/31 ORGFF Teaser

The One Race Global Film Foundation posted a teaser on When watching the clip, don’t forget to check out the end credits too, Vin gives a shout out to the Facebookers and you might even spot your name in the credit list.

Check out this thread for more, thanks Lynn!

12/31 Happy New Year

Dear users,

Happy New Year to you and yours, may 2010 hold nothing but great things for you! Thanks for sticking with us for all this time, we’re looking forward to an exciting and prosperous new year!

the VX staff


Facebook logoAt the end of the old year the Vinbook community made it happen:
Vinbook has more fans than Barack Obama! Details at our forum!

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