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01/18 Vin goes Haiti, Twohy talks Riddick

Vin is currently in Port-au-Prince on a rescue mission, trying to help the Haitians recover from the horrible tragedy they still have to suffer through.

Click here to check out his Vinbook posts on this subject if you’ve missed them, and here to catch up with the media reports. Thanks to Lynn and Jibarita!

Riddick News

In an interview with The Filmstage, director David Twohy played hide and seek when asked about a Riddick sequel. Here’s what he got to say:

“Yes, there is an update on Riddick. Yes, we did scout New Zealand. And yes, I’m being intentionally coy.”

Drop your comments here!


As most of you have noticed by now, we have the beloved shoutbox back and had a couple of other MODs installed along the way as well. The signature MOD is having a few quirks presently. For the time being, if you want to have your sig added to your post, make sure you tick the “Show Signature” box in either the quick reply box or under “Additional Options” when composing your replies. We’re still working on it.

Extra special thanks to F.L.A.M.E.R who is of invaluable help to us battling with the board software!

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01/15 Maintenance

Hey everyone!

If you find the message board acting a bit funny today it’s because of some maintenance work, so don’t worry about it. Thank you!


01/10 The Virtual Pleasures team is back!

Our talented team of writers is back from hiatus and starts out with new and exciting

Virtual Pleasures stories!

From now every six weeks a new contest winner will have the pleasure of enjoying his personal story!



Our first new contest winner of 2010 is paulmtk!! Congrats!

To add your name to the list visit this thread at VX! Good luck!

01/09 Vin Pics

Tine sent us a link to a bunch of delicious Vin pics that you can view here or by clicking the image below. Thanks, girl!


In other news, Vin was featured in an article on voice acting in games, alongside Michelle Rodriguez and Sigourney Weaver to name a few. Check it out here!

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