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Nostalgia Q&A of the Week @ VinXperience!

This week’s question comes from Northern Lights:

VinXperience Nostalgia Q&A
I have my 13 year old god sons hanging out with me tonight and we somehow got on the subject of summer activities. I mentioned how we used to spend every weekend at the drive in, watching movies, throwing the frisbee and other things I won’t mention. They understood the frisbee part but were completely clueless as to what a drive in theater was. Am I so old that I’m the only one here missing some of those activities of my youth? I was actually very sad to think that they will never enjoy an evening of watching an outdoor movie with 10 or 15 of their closest friends, half of whom they smuggled in, in the trunk of Dad’s sedan.

Anyone else have something they wish this generation could experience first hand?
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