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Strays (1997)

Movie Company: One Race Pictures
Director: Vin Diesel
Producers: Robert Bigelow, Gordon Bijelonic, Jean Claude Nedelic, Robert Panaro, Vin Diesel, John Sale, George Zakk
Writer: Vin Diesel
Picture: Andrew Dunn
Music: Julius Robinson
Genre: feature film
Budget: $47,000
Total gross:
MPAA rating:




Vin Diesel, Joey Dedio, Suzanne Lanza, Mike Epps, F. Valentino Morales, Darnell Williams, T.K. Kirkland, Brian Reingold


A self-described “multicultural Saturday Night Fever,” Strays is a nineties — and quintessentially New York — version of a macho cruiser’s coming-of-age. With abundant charm and formidable wit, Strays marks the arrival of a truly gifted writer/director/actor, Vin Diesel. Frustrated by the repetitious grind of one night stands and aimless hustlings, drug dealer Rick (played by Diesel) is looking for meaning and intimacy in his life. Like his testosterone-tweaked buddies, Rick is a “stray” – lacking a traditional family structure and wrestling subconsciously with the psychological bruises inflicted by his father’s absence. Shielding any vulnerability under the toughened cloak of detachment, Rick has administered his life with deliberate effort to avoid reliance on anyone or anything. But things are about to change.
(Rebecca Yeldham – Strays Official Site)


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