Construction Disagreements: Right To Light

A huge quantity of residential or commercial property in England and also Wales is protected by the ‘appropriate to light’. Yet just what is a right to light, and also what activity can you take if it is being impinged upon?

What Is The ‘Right To Light’?

It is normally accepted that half a room ought to be lit by natural light. In family member terms, this coincides amount of light offered by one candle approximately one foot away. This policy is called an ‘ideal to light’, as well as is shielded in England and also Wales under common law, damaging ownership, as well as by the 1832 Prescription Act.

However, unlike the right to liberty from noise, the right to light has to be acquired. This can be achieved with enrollment or provided by deed. In addition, if a window or an opening has had two decades or even more of unobstructed daylight, it instantly gets the right to light.

Construction Conflicts As Well As The Right To Light. If a residential or commercial property is secured by the right to light, after that growths in the surrounding area are subject to particular restrictions. This is because if a new building decreases the amount of all-natural light coming in through a home window or opens up to an unacceptable level, then it will be regarded as an ‘obstruction’.

There are a number of potential obstructions that might affect a neighbor’s right to light, one of the most typical of which is:

  • A shed or garage.
  • A wall surface.
  • Residence extensions.
  • Housing or business developments.

Ought a brand-new growth be located to obstruct the quantity of all-natural light filtering through a window, then the affected party can take legal action.

What Action Can You Take?

If you assume a new growth will certainly limit the level of light you get, then you are perfectly entitled to oppose it. Even if planning authorization had actually already been given by the regional authority, a development may still be protected against.

Relying on the nature of the problem, an effective quote versus a new advancement might have a number of results. As an example, there might be the possibility of payment and/or an order for the structure to be lowered. Additionally, the courts may release and also order to stop the development entirely, and even to have the disputed construction dismantled. Nevertheless, these injunctive procedures can be pricey, and also typically just happen in extreme cases.

If you are worried about your right to light, you need to initially talk to an expert to discuss your choices. A legal property surveyor will have the ability to evaluate how much your natural light will certainly be affected, even while the advancement concerned is still in the planning stages.

Furthermore, you need to look for lawful advice. A lawyer that is an expert in building disagreements will be able to clarify your rights to you, along with assistance to resolve the disagreement, possibly without needing to go to court.


If you have any kind of questions regarding your right to light, you must speak to a solicitor who is an expert in building and construction regulation to go over whether or not you wish to take a lawsuit. If your civil liberties are being encroached on, after that you might be awarded compensation, or have the strategy modified in your favor when you investigate this site.