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Author Spotlight – April 2013

Author Spotlight - April 2013 ~ Bitten
The Spotlight of this month falls onto our lovely and creative admin!


[Orig]A Perfect Universe [NC-17]

[Picture This]Poetic Justice [NC-17]

[Picture This]Genius Loci [G]

[Picture This]Fidget [G]

[Picture This]Imbalance [R]

[Picture This]Imbalance – The Warrior [NC-17]

[Picture This]And You Can Keep the Damn Beer! [NC-17]

[Picture This]Anything for Inspiration [NC-17]

[Picture This]Dysfunctional [NC-17]

[Spy Chix]Neglected [R]

[Spy Chix]Stuck in the Past [R]

[Spy Chix]Search for Desert Rose [Big group story. NC-17]

[Spy Chix]Bitter Gamble [Big group story. NC-17]

[Spy Chix]Win Some Lose Some [NC-17]

[Spy Chix]An Unexpected Test [NC-17]

[Spy Chix]SC: A Royal Pain [Big group story. NC-17]

[Spy Chix]The Conspiracy [PG-13]

[Spy Chix]Foreshadowing [NC-17]

[Spy Chix]Compromised [Big group story. NC-17]

[Spy Chix]Figments [NC-17]

[Spy Chix]Payback [Group story. NC-17]

[Dangerous Duplicates]Dangerous Duplicates [NC-17]

[Dangerous Duplicates]Cutter’s Gambit [NC-17]

Hop over to the board, take plenty of time and enjoy her stories!

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