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Again many thanks to NorthernLights for yet another great question!
Holiday Spirit - Parking lot mishap Q&A
You spent hours fighting the crowds at the mall and you are tired and grumpy.
As you exit your parking spot, you hit the car parked next to you.
Do you have enough Christmas spirit left to report the accident or do you Grinch out and leave the scene hoping no one got your license plate number?

Tell us here @ VinXperience!

Have you told your partner about all of your past relationships? If not, what are you hiding?

Tell us all here @ VinXperience!

it’s already one year

pic c/o Vinbook


Weather Q&A of the Week
With winter upon us and snow storms hitting America, are you prepared for a weather emergency?

What steps do you take to make sure you can survive extreme weather conditions?

Tell us here @ VinXperience!

Fast & Furious - Fast 8, Fast 9, Fast 10?
Fast 8, Fast 9, Fast 10 ….

Check out the latest info on the Fast & Furious franchise!

We’ve collected some interesting info for you here @ VinXperience!

Last Witch Hunter
We’ve collected the latest info on Last Witch Hunter for you here @ VinXperience!

Many thanks to Northern Lights for this week’s great question!
Christmas Q&A
Santa can’t make it this year! Which super hero is best suited to take his place?

Tell us here @ VinXperience!

Food and Allergy Q&A of the Week
Do you or your family and friends have any food allergies?
How would you plan Thanksgiving dinner around guests who have allergies to peanuts, pork, gluten etc?

Tell us here @ VinXperience!

Vin Diesel - Furious 7 trailer launch event
We’ve got plenty of pictures and videos from the Furious 7 trailer launch event.
Check them out here @ VinXperience and let us know what you think about the trailer!

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