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Spy Chix - Desperate Measures
A brand new chapter of Desperate Measures is up!

VinXperience - Live Music Q&A

Name three rock bands you wish you had seen perform live.
Which bands are you still hoping to see?
Tell us why here @ VinXperience!

The latest Fast Seven News

  • MTV Best Onscreen Duo Award
  • Video by Vin Diesel
  • Presentation by Jordana Brewster
  • on Set news and pictures

and lots more @ VinXperience!

Law Q&A of the Week
If you could make one law (or abolish one), what would it be?

Tell us here!

Spy Chix - Desperate Measures
A new hairdo & shooting lessons in Hawaii -
check out the new Desperate Measures chapter!

Last Witch Hunter
Check out the latest news on Vin’s upcoming project
here @ VinXperience!

Spy Chix - The Anniversary
The story continues!!
Do you want to know why shower caps are floating through the air?
Are you interested in learning what happens when the villain shows up?
Join the fun here @ VinXperience!
Also the main Spy Chix story continues:
The new Desperate Measures chapter is up!
Catch up on the latest events here @ VinXperience!

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