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Q&A of the Week
Have you ever had an embarrassing public medical emergency?

Tell us the gory details @ VinXperience!

Vin Diesel - Last Witch Hunter - Kaulder
More @ VinXperience!

Classic TV-Show Q&A
What’s your favourite old TV series (like Knight Rider, Columbo, The Streets of San Francisco, Hart to Hart)?
What do you think about them today?

Tell us here!

Last Witch Hunter - set pic - Vin Diesel & Elijah Wood
c/o Vinbook

#lastwitchhunter pittsburgh vin diesel
We did some picture hunting for Last Witch Hunter set pics from Pittsburgh.
Have a look and enjoy here @ VinXperience!

Many thanks to NorthernLights for this week’s great question!
VinXperience - Poetry Q&A of the Week
What’s your favourite poem?
Tell us why you like it and share it with us here @ VinXperience!

c/o Vinbook

German actress Julie Engelbrecht will star opposite Vin as the Witch Queen!

Last Witch Hunter - Julie Engelbrecht

Details @ VinXperience!

Summer Movies Q&A II

At the end of June we asked what movies you were looking forward to this summer.
So now that the summer movie blockbusters are winding down, what was your favorite movie this summer?
Tell us here @ VX!

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