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Summer, summer, summer time ... Q&A of the week
Many thanks to Bitten for this week’s great question! ☼

What’s your favorite summer treat?
Ice cream? Watermelon?
What foods does your family traditionally have in the hot summer months?
Tell us here @ VinXperience!

On a site note:
Our team is on holidays as well, therefore we won’t post any updates for the next days at our main site.
Meanwhile please stay tuned to our message board for the latest news!

Riddick 4
Will there be another Riddick movie? Check out the latest news here @ VinXperience!

Guardians of the Galaxy

Premiere pics and videos as well as plenty of interviews have been added to our threads.

Aaaand … there have been news about the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie as well – more Groot to come!

You can find the whole collection here @ VinXperience.

Fast & Furious 7
We collected plenty of the latest news, pics and videos to shorten the time till the movie will be released.
Have a look at the various FF7 threads at VinXperience!

..and last but not least
our latest VinXperience Q&A of the Week
The older I get ...
the more I realize ……..
Add your answer here @ VinXperience!

Tell the Truth! - Q&A of the Week

If you could select one person from history and have them truthfully answer one question,
who would you select and what would the question be?
Tell us here!

You can find more info here: http://vinxperience.net/movies/journey-to-sundance/

Happy Birthday, Vin Diesel!

Horrid Play Q%A
You are at a play and it’s horrid. You can’t wait until intermission to leave so you try sneaking out.
The actors notice you and stop the play to ask where you are going.
Are you bold enough to tell them the truth, do you offer a lame excuse or do you sit back down in embarrassment?
Tell us here!

Check out the latest set pics
Fast 7 - Set Pics
here @ VinXperience!

Spy Chix - Desperate Measures
What’s happening in South America? Find out here!

The next 12 months Q&A

In the next 12 months, I plan to….
Tell us here!


You’ve seen him wear them,
now you can get your very own tees or hoodies with Vin’s favorite logos
at The ONE RACE Films Store


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